Rv living update….

Okay I’m giving you a video update today.  I am about 2 weeks into a 60 day stint of full time rv living in a pop up with 3 kids.
Sorry about the raspy voice. I’ve got a sore throat, cold, or something going on. So I’m a little raspy. 🙂

Check out my update below.  I’ll forewarn ya … I am true camping style.  No glam.  Raw.  Hairs a mess.  No make up. Barely have my damn clothes on … ha.  It’s so hot here.  Rain is kicking my ass.  Cross fit yesterday has my legs wobbling.  Yet I’m still pounding out this rv lifestyle.  Here’s the long and short.  This was hands down the right choice.  I’m at home in this full time rv life style despite some of the nuisances and hiccups I’m experiencing and trying to get under control.  Watch my video and if you have any tips, hints, suggestions let me hear from you ❤❤

video update


A few lessons learned

My first attempt at a video.  Here is a little video of some follow up learning from our test run. Clearly I have a learning curve here.  The video feeds got in the wrong order and well I’m saying screw it and just publishing it. So if it seems like I jump topics in a weird way that’s why.  I’ll get it “right” the next time 😀 or at least I’ll do better.
I’ve also learned a few things about making these videos about what I’m learning on the pop up. Double learning happening here. TO BEGIN with successfully getting the darn video to upload and not have it post several different new blog posts. Sigh

So you are living in an RV

It is so cool, neat, and funny how life works sometimes.

For years I have teetered with the idea of living in an RV.  I have brought the subject up many times to my spouse and well let’s just say we have two very different thoughts on living in an RV.

I am in love with the idea of living out of an RV, homeschooling my kiddos, and traveling the country. I have these fantastic images of learning math and spelling words while exploring the Grand Canyon, sitting at a picnic in Manitou Springs, etc.

Our lives took a very unexpected turn this year. Our marriage has always been beyond blessed and we are both fortunate to have great educations and careers. We haven’t had a ton of “crisis” type events in our world until this year.

Ten months ago our very foundations of human beings got rocked and the pieces crumbled hard and they aren’t done crumbling. There has been plenty of craziness in the last 10 months but finally I smile a little victory smile.

See, in the most twisted ironic way, I am getting my wish! We sold our house (close May 12). We have a window of about 60 days until we close on our new home. As I searched for temporary housing I realized it is peak tourist season and everywhere wanted $2K or so a month for temporary furnished housing.

I evaluated the budget and the numbers AND I seized the opportunity.  Finally, I could convince my husband on the RV living idea because the black and white numbers made sense. So, we bought a pop up camper and have planned out some different camp grounds to stay at for the next 60 days.  The first night we brought the pop up home we spent a couple hours as a family just hanging out in it in the driveway. It was so cool to see the kids faces and excitement as we explained some of our plans and things we would do and had them help “claim” who would sleep where.

I excitedly began a list of things I need to grab and stock the RV with to make this a success!

I have found it interesting how when I told my friends and family there were several who immediately acted like this was such a huge issue or questioned if we needed money. It is so intriguing how we have become so programmed in life to think that life must look a certain way. My children are about to have a massive, long, extended, sweet ass vacation for the summer and I couldn’t be more excited.

Life is messy, life is unpredictable.  Who would have thought when our world got turned upside down August 2015 that my personal wish for RV living would happen just a year later!!!

So excited and am ready for the good, bad, and indifferent of this experience because at the end of it I am creating wonderful lasting memories with my family and that is something no money can buy and no one can take away from you!

Here begins the journey with our 3 kids: 16, 8, and 6



Heather Pincelli