It has been awhileย 

You may have noticed that most of my blog posts disappeared and that it’s been awhile.  

There’s good reason.  I’ve been up to some pretty crazy sh*t.  I am not quite able to let the cat out  of the bag, but stay tuned…. soon!

And as always I am keeping it 100% real and honest and no filter blunt.  ๐Ÿ™‚ 

For now, here’s a pic of me just after I crushed that half marathon I was training for and COMPLETED!!



I am crazy super excited, nervous, anxious, thrilled….. basically just can’t contain myself.

The countdown is on!! Need to figure out how to get the countdown timer on here. Needs a plug in and it’s not going on here right. So for now I will put it as a hyperlink because I am so excited I just want to get it announced ๐Ÿ™‚“>COUNTDOWN

I am officially registered for the Cocoa Beach 2016 1/2 marathon to be held at 7:00am on Sunday October 23, 2016.  The registration fee is paid and the hotel room is booked.

Two things that makes this even more crazy exciting:

  1. It is in my hometown of Cocoa Beach where I was born and raised.
  2. I’ve recruited a few friends to start running and join in.  With any luck they will go through with it. I sort of sprung it on them, so I am just proud of them for saying yes. Now we have to get them training and I couldn’t be more excited.

Okay 1 more— there is a 2.9 mile stretch on the beach. OMG love it!!! That’s the part I am a little nervous about to.  For me beach running has always destroyed me. So I am going to have to make sure to get some mileage logged on beach grounds.  But I am ready to conquer this mental barrier. 1/2 MARATHON SET BOOM!!!


Half marathon training



It is crazy super hot in Florida. Well, compared to the Wisconsin weather I am used to running in.  I’ve been getting up early to run to try and beat the heat and well there is just no beating this heat.

The other day I did my half marathon training run and then hit a crossfit type workout that of course included more running. While my legs are a wobbly mess …. I feel awesome. I am totally psyched to inch my way toward that half marathon.

I have been sidelined due to injuries the last two times I aimed for a half so I am determined to avoid that this time.

Okay now the nitty gritty part. I am a really finicky runner. Any sort of change in my running and I am guaranteed a headache.  The heat here is a sure fire way to cause a headache for me. So, I have been toying around with ways to combat it and have found one that works so far. I put an orange electrolyte mix into my water and start sipping it from the very beginning. I used to wait until mile 3 to start sipping water or anything but that wasn’t working here. For now, this new method seems to be working.

I am a lucky runner in the sense that I don’t get shin splints or cramps etc.  My issue always come at that 10 mile mark and it is stress fractures of the hip. I worked with a doctor this last time who was a runner and specialized in sports medicine. He and I worked closely together and identified some triggers of these stress fractures. So I have been doing extra foam rolling and stretching. We will see if that keeps it at bay.


I am aiming to do my half marathon in September.  Now to find one and sign up for it! ๐Ÿ™‚