American Grit Season 2 

Well, after well basically my whole life of leading a pretty quiet and low key life, I have some big exciting and CRAZY news coming.  For those who know me, they know that I really truly kept my personal life very low key and hidden.  From a rough childhood, to a mother who abandon me and when she was around it wasn’t a good situation, to foster care and more.  It’s all been things I went through great measures to never let anyone find out.  Then about 2 years ago my entire world was flipped upside down and in unthinkable ways and well the result was I found a voice and backbone I never knew I needed or wanted.  I made the choice to share openly and not be so worried what others would think.  I meant business! 

Annnndd the news is out!!! Premieres June 11!! For those that don’t know I’ve had a hard life but have overcame.  Then about 2 years ago I was pushed to the absolute EDGE! and my world was shattered in unthinkable ways.  I went to some deep dark places and emerged slowly with a zest and deep desire for something different, better, CHANGE!!!  One thing led to another and boom I found myself with an opportunity to compete for a spot on this show! A tv show!!??? Something I would have never thought to do let alone WENT through with in the past.  

I have learned and embraced a lot these last two years!!! No looking back…. push forward! ❤❤❤

I had the opportunity to compete for a spot on American Grit Season 2, truly an amazing achievement for me and a huge step out of my box.  


Meet the other competitors:

Alison Kempkey 

Carla Mireles 

Chris Edom 

George Foreman IV 

Gigi Gustin 

Gill Morton 

Hannah Johanna Butera 

Herman Singh

Janessa Morgan 

Melanie Mahanna 

Michael Wilson Morgan 

Nathalie Battee Martin 

Richard Mallard 

Scarlett Angelina 

Sherman Solo Braithwaite 

Will Westwater 

Heather Pincelli